Noel’s green sequin shirt!!!!

I’ve been looking for ages and I found Noel’s green sequin shirt that he wears in Luxury Comedy. It’s a more feminine style but its close enough!!! Its right here!

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as ive put in previous blog posts, Noel’s actual sequin shirt is from Sibling, but this one is nice too!

the top he wore in luxury comedy:

zooniverse jacket

thought you’d have this but i went though every post (i have a lot of free time on my hands) and i couldn’t find it

i managed to find the zooniverse jacket really cheap (the one i was about to buy was £25 but this one’s just over £12) the picture only shows blue but it does come in green:

also if you want to decorate it like vince/noel’s then i found this forum helpful (however they didn’t mention the badge next to the bottom pocket - i’ve got no idea what it is but i’m thinking of getting an “I heart trekstock” badge because i know that’s a charity the boosh boys support) 

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There’s a sale on selected Sibling garments, a brand which Noel has a few bits from, here..

Noel’s face dress from Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2013

Don’t know if anybody found/posted this already, apologies if they have x

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fieldmouse11 said: do you know where he got the black and whte jumper with the green eyes on it

please check the blog before you ask me things! as i have already answered this question.

its from sibling, london.

Sorry I haven’t been posting/answering asks in a while, been super busy!

Noel recently wore a colourful skull t-shirt on NMTB, which can be purchased from Charles of London

noel fielding, inspired by x

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Red Leopard Print

The red leopard print jumper worn last week on buzzcocks is from the Sibling AW13 collection; available from Hervia Bazaar, Manchester.

floppy-hump said: hi, do you know where you can get any of Noel's David Bowie shirts? seen in the most recent episode of NMTB (S27E08) an episode with Paloma. thank you! xx

99% sure Noel got his David Bowie shirts from Charles in London